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Meet JP

My life had just changed as I had the confidence I had always wanted, but my story was far from over.

It was only the beginning.


I moved from a town of 9000 people to a city of over 50,000 to attend school. My life was going to change FOREVER at Indiana University. As I arrived on campus, I knew that I had a different background than everyone else, and I wanted to use that to my advantage. 

From day one, when I showed up on campus, I was the energetic one that loved exercise. Now everyone looked at me as if I got off the loony train, but I found a significant weakness at IU over time. There was NO one looking out for the little guy. Most did not know where to start when it came to health and fitness, but they wanted to look like. Students would come up to me and ask me questions like “What exercises should I do?”


Eventually, my fellow students would come up to me and ask if I could train them. The first one will be one that I will never forget. He was someone that looked like he was in the same place I was two years prior, and I could not say no. I agreed to my first free client. He would end up gaining ten pounds of muscle, and my life would be changed forever. 


Five years later, JP FIT4LIFE has motivated and empowered 50+ young adults to live their happiest and healthiest lives.


Five years later, JP FIT4LIFE has quadrupled in company size. Five years later, JP FIT4LIFE has fans, followers, clients, and employees all across the United States and across the WORLD.


JP FIT4LIFE has revolutionized the health and fitness industry in the last few years with our passion, creativity, and determination. JP FIT4LIFE will not stop until millions of millennials have accomplished their health and fitness goals with the JP FIT4LIFE customized, extensive, and detail-oriented plan. Are you ready to be a part of something SPECIAL?



You are buying more than just coaching at JP FIT4LIFE you are buying a chance to change your life. For all my clients, I make sure that I am helping them become more comfortable in life with the uncomfortable things. This ability to be able to conquer things that once were scary to you will lead to more confidence. If there is one thing that I want to leave all my clients with after our coaching sessions, it would be an improved sense of confidence. The idea that you can solve any problem that comes your way.

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